It’s extremely important to speak English as soon as possible!
Don’t wait too much! Start speaking from the beginning! Es extremadamente importante hablar inglés cuanto antes. No esperes demasiado! Empieza hablar inglés desde que tienes un nivel muy bajo!


Hi dear students! I’m Georgie of as you know. And today I’m back with another Q & A – another question and another answer. I have a question from Fernando from Ecuador. Hi Fernando! Thank you so much for your question! Fernando is asking me: “Can speaking from the beginning hurt my pronunciation?” Great question! Let me give you an answer. And the short answer is: NO! It can’t hurt your pronunciation! Now I’m going to give you more details. You see, I’ve been teaching for a long time and most of my students have been learning about how to speak English but, they haven’t practiced at all. They haven’t listened and they haven’t spoken at all. So, the result is actually catastrophic: they understand and they can’t speak but, they have been studying grammar rules and so much about how to speak. But if you start speaking from the beginning, then you’re not afraid to become ridiculous, you’re not afraid to make mistakes, because you’re learning. You’ll feel more like a child. It’s much more difficult to start speaking when you’ve invested many years and then you will not forgive yourself for making mistakes. It’s how it works. Unfortunately, I need to help most of these people who have studied ten to fifteen years and now they can’t understand, they can’t speak properly and the ones who improve really quickly, are the ones who start speaking from the beginning and use a good method. And, please start speaking as soon as possible! Your pronunciation will improve if you listen to English input: if you listen to songs, if you listen and watch and if you make mistakes, it’s not a problem.
I will see you very soon and next week I’ll be back with a new video. And thank you so much for your question! Bye! Bye!